Tai-chi for Seniors

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Dr. Suri has taught therapeutic Tai-chi classes for seniors for more than fifteen years and has practiced the discipline of Tai-chi for more than twenty years. Dr. Suri trained at the New York School of Tai-chi, which was founded by Professor Chen Man-ch'ing.

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Dr. Suri teaches senior Tai-chi classes at such places as the Hebrew Hospital Home, Westchester Meadows (senior living facility), White Plains senior center. He has run senior Tai-chi seminars and demonstrations at such places as the YMCA, and Seniors' Day at the Westchester County Center.

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Over the years Dr. Suri has developed a curriculum of Tai-chi and Tai-chi exercises to teach and benefit seniors of varied physical abilities, from fully self-sufficient energetic groups to groups in hospice care and every level in between.